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Resolution and Activities

Functions of the Kendriya Hindi Shikshan Mandal

  • To train Hindi language teachers.
  • To address the concerns of scholars of Hindi in Hindi speaking territories.
  • To provide more facilities for Hindi teaching and research.
  • To provide comparative philological study of Hindi with Higher Hindi language, literature and with other Indian languages and, its facilities.
  • According to the instructions and direction of Article 351 of the Constitution of India - to the development of pan-Indian form of Hindi-language - Hindi, according to the instructions of the All India Working as a language to develop.


  • Training Teaching and training for Hindi teachers in Non-Hindi speaking areas.
  • Correspondence (distance) learning and training for Hindi teachers in non-Hindi speaking areas.
  • Teaching Hindi to Foreign students as second and foreign language.
  • Promotion of Hindi at the international level.
  • Evening courses for Applied Linguistics, Hindi Journalism, Mass Communication and Translation Science at level Renewal and refresher courses.
  • Renovation, high renewal and refresher courses for Hindi teachers in schools, colleges and universities located in non-Hindi speaking areas.
  • Renewal, promotional, office Hindi skill-oriented programs and training courses for staff members and officers of Central / State Government and the banks, etc.
  • Exercises for correct pronunciation of Hindi conducted by Language laboratory and audio-visual equipment to the pronunciation of Hindi through corrective Computer assisted learning of Hindi language.

Other Work

  • Conduct Symposium, special lectures, organized series of lectures.
  • Institute certified, edited and compiled material, article, publication of text books.
  • Headquarters of foreign students Rangoli decorations, Central Hindi Institute Hindi language, applied linguistics, comparative literature, etc.
  • Hindi language and literature studies - to help the rich library of teaching and research.
  • All the contests for the promotion of Hindi. Persons Hindi respect (promoting the Hindi language, academic research, mass communication, Hindi scholars working in the fields of science, etc.).
  • From time to time be assigned by the Government of India regarding Hindi language-related projects and other tasks.

Affiliated Training University

These affiliated colleges / institutions in accordance with provincial requirements and courses are held at the Institute and the Institute examinations of these courses as controls. Some colleges / institutions are as follows:

  • Government Hindi Teaching - Training College, North Guwahati (Assam)
  • Mizoram Hindi Education - Training Institute, Aizawl (Mizoram)
  • Government Hindi Teaching - Teaching College, Mysore (Karnataka)
  • Government Hindi Education - Training Institute, Dimapur (Nagaland)


  • Project: International Standard Hindi courses
  • Project: Hindi Corpora
  • Project: Language - Literature CD Works
  • Project: Hindi folk dictionary.

Institute of Hindi Studies is an important center of teaching and research. Institution as a high-level educational institution, not only nationally but also internationally recognized. Hindi as India's composite culture Snwahika to play their meaningful role, purpose and determination to continue working with the Institute.