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• The Publication Division of Sansthan has published a number of books on various subjects such as Hindi Language and Literature, Applied Linguistics, Comparative and Contrastive linguistics, Language and Literature teaching, lexicography, bilingual dictionaries etc. More than 200 books have been published so for. Textbooks of multiple purposes at different levels and teacher guides have also been published.
• Sansthan is also publishing following journals and magazines-
1. Gaveshna- A quarterly journal of applied linguistics, Hindi teaching and criticism (105 Journals Published till now.)
2. Media- A quarterly journal of Delhi Centre. (Publication since 2006)
3. Samanvay Purvottar- A yearly journal, joint publication of Guwahati, Shillong & Dimapur centers. (22 Journals published till now)
4. Samanvay Dakshinayan- A yearly journal (Proposed), joint publication of Hyderabad & Mysore centres.
• Quarterly Bulleting of Sansthan- Sansthan Samachar.
• Apart for these, the annual students’ magazines: Hindi Vishva Bharti and Samanvay are also published.